Confident Birthing
You’ve read a few books and spoken to friends and family about their birth experiences. Or, maybe they told you their stories, unsolicited, as is wont to happen when you’re pregnant.
You’ve spoken to your doctor or midwife and brought up a few things that you think are important, but you’re still feeling a bit in the dark about how birth can and might go.
You may be unsure about pain management and pain medication during labor. Maybe you have a desire to go pain med free and you would like to have a natural birth. Maybe you know you need an epidural but need some information about managing labor at home and making your epidural experience a good one while helping to facilitated birth.
You may have concerns about medical interventions and cesarean birth.
Your partner may be silently (or vocally) freaking out about how they are might support you and baby during this process.
You are likely wondering if there are some questions that you are neglecting to ask since you don’t know what to ask.
Luckily, you’ve found this class, Confident Birthing. I’ll help you sort out all of the information you and your partner need for this birth.
I get it.
I know you have concerns about the process, about pain management, about your coping skills, about how complicated things sometimes can be.
I understand both your joy and your apprehension about this birthing process and about becoming a parent.
I know that birth is a natural, normal process which is truly a transformational point in your life.
I also know that there is no one “right” way to do this pregnancy, birth and parenting thing. I’ve created a class that is appropriate for those giving birth in a hospital, at a birth center or at home.
I’ll give you an entire toolbox, full of goodies, such that you may choose the tools that are right for your individual experience.
Your toolbox includes: 
This class also includes a book, handouts and online resources, curated especially for you.

Please register early to ensure a space for you and your partner. This class maxes out at 5 couples. Ideally, this course should be taken between 27 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. Do wear comfortable clothes in which you can move easily and bring 2 bed pillows to class.